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December 2006

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Vicarage Notes

Christmas greetings

On behalf of myself and Sirpa, Martin and Sue, may I wish all our readers a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and extend a warm invitation to the special services this year at St.Lawrence’s.  The charity we are supporting at the Carol service this year is “Farms for City Children” and I hope to have a small display at the back of Church.

Thought for the month

Popular carols and Christmas songs abound, many of which we sing at the different services and seasonal celebrations.  Mediaeval carols often tell the story of the life of our Lord from his birth to his passion, just think of the words of “The holly bears a berry”. More recent carols may well include a prayer for peace. The great Finnish composer, Sibelius, set a number of 19th century poems to music, including “En etsi valtaa loistoa, en kaipaa kultakaan” by Topelius, which being translated (!), is:

I do not seek for glory, I do not seek for wealth,

I ask the light of heaven and peace o’er all the earth.

When Christmas comes, our God is nigh, his joy will lift our hearts on high,

Not glory or the rich man’s wealth, but peace o’er all the earth.

 That prayer must surely be echoed around the world.

Communion at home

It is a privilege to take communion to the home of anyone too infirm to come to Church, please contact me to sort out a time.

God bless, 

Nicholas Morgan, 01608 685230

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