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January 2007

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Tysoe WI Celebrates Its 90th Year

Some of you will be aware that the Institute was formed in 1917.  The First World War was bringing hardship and sorrow to many families in towns, cities and rural areas.

The first members doing their bit for the community purchased a cheese press to deal with the surplus milk, and organised fresh fish from Grimsby to come into Tysoe on a weekly basis.  Soup was made for children who had to walk long distances to school.

During the Second World War, when many wives were left behind to bring up children while their husbands were overseas, talks were arranged for women to learn what they could do for the war effort, such as making trimming for camouflage nets, as well as learning to make a tasty meal with little ingredients and growing good vegetables.  Dances were organised in the village hall and fund raising events for many charities working here and in foreign lands.  Wool was purchased for members and the local school children to knit gloves etc for the troops.  A fruit preservation scheme was set up, as was a cooperative for sugar; also rose hips were collected for the WRVS.

As part of the 90th anniversary celebrations, the Institute plans to hold an exhibition on Wednesday 4th April, from 2- 4 p.m. in Tysoe Village Hall.

The Institute has minute books, tablecloths, cups awarded for skills, and other memorabilia.  Would former members or relatives have items which could be lent for the exhibition please contact June Wreford, 01295 680294 or Lyn Hicks, 01295 680164.

Belinda Keep

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