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February 2007

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The Peacock Changes Hands

I’m sure that most of you are aware that the Peacock has changed hands and there are some renovations afoot. 

Whilst we have met some of you in person over the last few weeks we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you all a little bit about our plans……….

My name is Chris and my wife is Ellen.  I am originally from Rayleigh in Essex whilst Ellen is from Coventry.  This is our first pub and we feel lucky to have found it in such a beautiful little village as Oxhill.  I will run the pub whilst Ellen will continue to work at Coventry Airport, where she is an Air Traffic Controller. 

We have both always been passionate about good pubs and have enjoyed seeking out some of the best ones across the country.  We plan to bring the best qualities of these pubs to the Peacock.  These include a welcoming atmosphere, a decent pint or glass of wine and quality traditional food.  We believe that the pub should remain at the heart of the village and look forward to hosting many village events over the years to come. 

To spruce up the old bird we have to close the doors to you for a few weeks in order for us to try and bring out her best, and during this time we welcome you to pop in to meet us and see what we are up to.  The plan is to be closed until the 1st March, when we would like to hold the opening evening inviting everyone from the village to the big event. During the coming weeks we will deliver invites to the event and an update on progress. 

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Chris and Ellen Joel

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