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March 2007

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Green Bins

Following the removal of two of our green bins, which had been loaned to a neighbour and left for emptying with her green bins, I had long telephone calls to various people at Stratford Council.  Now it has become clear that the policy on green bins is currently as follows:

The maximum entitlement to green bins provided by the Council is two bins.  Unless they (Biffa) “have a recollection of bins being purchased” extra bins in excess of two found outside a property on green bin day will be removed without any notice or advice of the action.

Additional bins purchased by the householder do not count to the allowed number and they will be emptied with the others.

The problem is that if, like us, you purchase additional green bins from the Council’s agent Biffa, the bins supplied are identical to the two bins provided officially.  Furthermore once removed bins will only be returned if you can prove additional bins were purchased either by a receipt or in our case details of payment by cheque.

As a result it seems that grouping together of more than two green bins outside any property risks removal of bins beyond two unless you ensure that purchased bins are clearly and indelibly marked or if the white bin collection van arrives you are ready to rush out with proof of ownership.

In our case, following our telephone calls, I am pleased to say that we have received a letter apologising for the mistake and confirming that our two bins will be returned.

Geoff Stewart

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