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May 2007

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Notes of the Oxhill Annual Parish Council Meeting

Held on Tuesday 17th April 2007 at 8.00pm
in the
Village Hall

Seven people attended this meeting, chaired by David Hill – Chairman, Oxhill Parish Council.

Condition of paving across from the Peacock

This section of original paving had become very uneven and dangerous.  The meeting preferred to see these slabs relayed but if this were not possible then an alternative would be better than the condition at present.

Possible change of road priority at Green Lane junction - by the church

Although this seemed a sensible idea, several safety concerns and the additional signs required needed to be considered.

Traffic Speed

It was brought to the attention of the meeting the need to report to the police incidents of excessive speeding and dangerous driving, giving time, date and registration number.  The police cannot act without information.

A traffic sign reminding motorists of the 30 mph speed limit, on trial in some villages, was thought a good idea and asked if Oxhill could be part of this trial.

Best Kept Village Competition

The village wouldn’t enter this year.

Village Liaison Officer’s Report

Doug Nethercleft reported that a grant, from the Village Outreach Fund, had been obtained on behalf of  the Gardening Club to plant a tree by the Village Hall and to replace the damaged railings.  A seat would also be provided in front of the Village Hall.  Copies of the Village Welcome Pack were passed round and were very well received.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.

Angela Kean, Clerk

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