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June 2007

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Respect and the Countryside

Since moving to Oxhill thirty-two years ago I have found that the attitudes of the larger land-owners (by 'larger' I mean the land, not the person) towards those of us who own just a house and garden, have been friendly, co-operative, helpful and understanding.  Few of us in the village are used to owning and managing many acres of land, and I think that, by and large, we have much admiration and respect for those who do.

Some of us wander quite freely over neighbouring field and pasture, happily straying from public paths.  Our dogs and children wander even further from the public rights of way, even though they should really be confined to the same path as ourselves.  This is all possible because land-owners normally do not seek confrontation or rely on stifling regulation, although both options are open to them.

A farmer put it to me in the pub the other day: 'How would you feel if I turned up on your lawn with my dogs and said, "It's OK, we're not doing any real harm"?'

This is not the biggest issue in the village but one that I would ask is considered each time we walk on someone else's property.

David Hill

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