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July 2007

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Vicarage Notes

Thought for the month

As the Christian Year unfolds in the season of Trinity, with its focus on life and growth, these words of blessing from David Adam seem specially appropriate:

The sacred three be over me
with my working hands this day
with the people on my way
with the labour and the toil
with the land and with the soil
with the tools that I take
with the things that I make
with the thoughts of my mind
with the sharing of mankind
with the love of my heart
with each one who plays a part
the sacred three be over me
the blessing of the Trinity.

Scarecrow Weekend

On behalf of St. Lawrence’s Church, may I thank Lilian Welsby and the organising committee, all who gave their time over the weekend in gardens, stalls and teas, and those who helped with the car park, advertising and behind the scenes organisation!  It was a great team effort, with visitors from round and about enjoying the weekend, particularly on the Sunday, and contributing to the overall proceeds of £2650 – a significant increase on last year.  Congratulations, everyone!

Local Events

There’s a warm invitation to Brailes Church Fete at The Village Hall on July 7th and to a very special treat – the Stratford Flute Festival Concert.  This will be held at Brailes Church at 7.30 p.m. on Saturday July 28th.  Tickets will be £5 each.


I am certainly no computer buff, but I know that the Oxhill Village website is regularly applauded as one of the best in the country.  Thanks continue to go to the webmaster Mike Collins and others involved.  Visit  www.oxhill.org.uk.  A new  weblink kindly provided by Jim Saxton for St. Lawrence’s is a modest fundraising opportunity by which folk who purchase things on-line can benefit the Church.  To see what it is all about visit http://buy.at/oxhill.

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