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September 2007

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Leys Field Action Group Report

Thank you to everyone who has replied to the initial survey of reactions to the proposed Leys Field development.  If you haven’t yet replied we still want to hear your views.  If you have mislaid the survey form and would like a replacement, or would like to make any further input, please get in touch with one of the group.  You can leave any communications with Grenville Moore at Peacock House (next door to the pub).

We have had a good level of response to the survey, and a clear message that development of the field should be strongly resisted.  There are many reasons for this, and you will be familiar with most of them: perhaps the key thing to bear in mind is that any development of this space, no matter how limited, opens the door to the destruction of the whole of the green space at the heart of the village and with it the community that we all enjoy.  Those locals with long memories will recall the 1972 proposal for many hundreds of houses on these fields – anything that might allow such an initiative to be restarted must be resisted.  As things stand, any significant development is completely counter to Oxhill’s classification within the local structure plan.

The original group of six volunteers has been expanded to include Alan Hedley, who brings extensive experience of the planning system, and Reg Gethin, long term resident of the village and an active member of the retired community.  Several more people have volunteered to become involved, but we would like to hold any further growth of the working group until we have some more specific actions to work on.  In the short term, there is a limited amount we can do until a planning application (if any) is made.  We will be developing a framework for formally objecting should a planning application be made, and doing some other basic data gathering that can be used to support an objection.

We will give some more feedback next month if there are further developments to report.

Paul Sayer

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