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September 2007

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News from The Peacock

Thank you all again for another great month at The Peacock. Well done to the Ozarks for finally beating the Wild Ones in the Peacock quiz! As I write this we are preparing for the Beach Party our most elaborate event yet with 5 tons of sand being delivered to create the Peacocks very own beach and the weather forecast is good!  Also the landlord nights on the Sunday evening are proving popular with a different food flavour each week and selected beers at £2 a pint.

Now before I go any further I must tell you our news. We are looking to move out of the pub business and are currently marketing The Peacock for sale. This has been a very hard decision for us to reach, as we love the village of Oxhill and we have made many friends here. Iím sure there will be various rumours as to our reasons why but its very simple- We donít get to spend any quality time together. We must iterate that we love the pub, the village and the friends we have made and this was never our plan to leave so soon. It is a matter of the time and effort that the pub consumes and we feel that our time together is more important to us. 

Anyway, we donít know how long it is likely to take to sell the pub and we have no intention of winding down; in fact we want to have as much fun as possible, so we plan to continue with our recent spate of promotions and events.

So for September here is the schedule of eventsÖÖ.

Sunday 2nd - Landlords Pasta Night and £2 a pint

Wednesday 5th - Coffee morning from 10.15

Friday 7th - First Folk Friday

Sunday 9th - Byronís Night (he still hasnít decided what heís doing, but its sure to be special!) and £2 a pint

Wednesday 19th - Lunch Club

Sunday 16th - Quiz night and £2 a pint

Sunday 23rd - Landlords Pizza Night and £2 a pint

Sunday 30th - TBA £2 a pint

Plus we will continue with our Happy Hour on Saturday nights 6-7 p.m.

On the music front we hope to have Wired in to play at some point but I need to confirm the dates and we will advertise once we have done.

On the kitchen front, we have a new chef Ron, who is turning out some fantastic dishes and he is keen to update the menus over the next 2 weeks, so please come in and try some of his new dishes.

On the beer front, we have been taking a great Guest beer Ubu (Oo-boo) from Purity brewery, and it has been very popular. 

Finally we hope you all understand our move and thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you all during September.

Chris and Ellen Joel

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