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September 2007

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Thought for the month

Our best wishes go to all starting a new school or college this September, especially those leaving village primary schools where they were big fish in little ponds to become small fish in big ponds!

Young and, indeed, not-so-young need to use talents to the full, not only to achieve self fulfilment, but also in the service of others.  Jesus tells us to “love our neighbour as ourselves” and our Christian faith is empty unless it is put into action.

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), famed for his development of the first English Dictionary, used this prayer:

Look with mercy upon my studies and endeavours.
Grant me, O Lord, calmness of mind and steadiness of purpose.

That sounds appropriate for us all – but specially right for the first day back!

Harvest Festival and autumn services

All are very warmly welcome to the Harvest service this year.  I hope the Oxhill choir will be singing and that folk will be able to stay awhile for the charity auction afterwards.

Please note that from October the service on the second Sunday of each month will revert to being just Evensong at the request of the P.C.C.  In midwinter months it will be at 3.30 p.m. so please check the News for details.

Diocese of Coventry “Companionship Links”

The Bishop of Warwick invites all to learn more about these links at a conference at St. Peter’s, Kineton on Sept. 22nd. There will be introductions to the work in Bethlehem and Kaduna (Nigeria) and small group discussions with those directly involved in the 6 projects, including Kaduna schools and books, Jacaranda Farm and Bethlehem Syrian Orthodox School.  Please contact the Bishop’s office on 024 764 412627 if you would like to attend.

God bless, Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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