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October 2007

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The Village Bier

The village bier was bought in 1935, as a joint purchase by the villages of Oxhill and Whatcote.  Oxhill donated £15 from village funds, Whatcote £10, and there were individual donations totalling £8. It was to be used by both Church and Chapel alike.  Funerals at that date were dealt with within the village, with the coffins being made by the village carpenter, and being transported from the home of the deceased to the Church or Chapel on the wheeled bier.

The bier was kept for many years at the Methodist Chapel, but after its use lapsed, the question of future storage became something of a problem. In 1965 the Parish Meeting received a letter from the Minister regarding a home for it. The meeting agreed that Major Rodwell at the Manor should be contacted, but in the event it was stored at what is now the house known as the Malthouse, then an outbuilding belonging to the Old House.

When this building was made into a house c1980 it was moved along Back Lane to Paynís House barn, but its large size made it difficult to accommodate it there for long.

In 1982 its future was again discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting. Some research was done by Ann Hale to discover the exact ownership of the bier, and the details and date of its purchase were found in an old Parish Meeting Minute Book in the Warwick Record Office.

The Meeting decided that it should be offered on loan to a local museum, and that failing that Tom Heritage agreed to keep it in his barn.  Warwick Museum was contacted, but was unable to help.  The bier was then offered a home in the outbuildings at Bilton Cottage, Church Lane and it has remained there to this day.

Ann Hale

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