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October 2007

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WI Report 

Several visitors joined us to hear Adrian Bull from Westinghouse speak about the benefits, uses and misconceptions of nuclear energy.  He used a prepared computer presentation to stimulate questions and answered them articulately and in layman's terms.  He explained how we needed clean, affordable energy that can be reliably supplied.  He showed us data comparing energy sources.  It seems that renewable energy sources will fill the gap caused by decommissioning of nuclear power stations until the next generation are producing electricity.  Modern nuclear power plants can use the forces of nature and simplicity of design to enhance plant safety and operations and reduce construction costs.

Ruth Fothergill and Kath Silman served refreshments.

The flower of the month: 1st carnation (Philippa Robinson), 2nd rose (Sue Price)

Pam Mcleod is the winner of the Oxhill Cup.  Tony Lomas, our judge, commented on the difficulty of finding 3 matching lettuces, and said that the winning trio looked ‘fresh and tender.’

 B. Keep

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