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November 2007

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Garden Club

The October Garden Club meeting talk took a different direction when former Town Crier and Tour Guide, Graham Sutherland, gave a talk on ‘Inn Signs and their Meanings”.

Graham began by explaining how drinking in public began, through Roman times, to modern day.

I don’t think many of us realised how often Inn signs changed in style to move with the times and on occasion are completely renamed. For instance when hostelries change from older style inns to wine bars, what was ‘The Coach and Horses’ could become ‘Twelfth’ with no obvious meaning, and also sadly will probably be lost for ever.

Meanings of many inn signs derived from the trades that used to go on around them and others seem obvious from their name and picture, although on occasion investigation showed some have hidden meanings.   Today others retain their names but are being produced in more modern or humorous styles.  There has also been one named ‘The Office’ – which could be useful when confirming your whereabouts on occasion!

With Christmas around the corner Lillian and Anne will be showing some ideas for door wreaths, garlands, etc at the November 15th Meeting.

Please note that the meeting in December will be a week earlier than usual, on Thursday 13th, and will be our Christmas Party.

Anne Nethercleft

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