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November 2007

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The Leys Field, Oxhill

We feel we should respond to the article published in the September newsletter and explain why we organised the public meeting in the Village Hall.

The architects prepared a plan, purposely showing a wide selection of ideas that might benefit Oxhill.  What was shown was not meant to be a complete proposal in itself. We wanted feedback from the village and some of the comments from the floor were very constructive.  The consensus was that Oxhill does not need additional community facilities other than a playing field and perhaps an extension to the village hall and there is clearly widespread opposition to any large-scale development. However, it was also acknowledged that neither young, first-time buyers nor elderly people can buy reasonably priced property in the village and that having all age groups represented in a village like this is its lifeblood.  A number of people have said that they should like to see some retirement homes and affordable housing built.

We have no wish to cause offence to anyone as we pursue ideas for the future of this land and try to find an acceptable solution that will be of mutual benefit to us and the village.  We shall continue to welcome any approaches on this subject and confirm that no proposal or application has been prepared and that we have yet to come to any conclusion as to how to proceed (if at all) for the time being.

Alyson Grimsley, Gill Hutsby, Posy McDonald, Julia Stirman, Penny Whichello

(Owners of The Leys Field, Oxhill)

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