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November 2007

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A Literal “Footnote”

Pavements form an integral part of the street scene; the materials – paving stones, kerbstones, cobbles and setts – traditionally came from nearby and were laid with skill – a link with all the feet that have trodden there gives significance to all our tracks and walkways.  Barry Joyce writes:  “As with roofing and walling, each area had its own tradition of paving based on locally available materials – what survives is a little regarded but important part of the country’s heritage – the quality and rarity in stone pavements, and the patina achieved by decades of feet is now much sought after.  We have taken our pavements for granted and poor, unattractive surfaces such as concrete slabs and tarmac are replacing good old causeways.  As with nature, we must start to care for the ‘nature of things about us’; it is important or all is lost forever.  Our country is a land of extraordinary variety, rich in buildings, landscapes, peoples, wildlife, customs and traditions, and even quirkiness – we must guard against creating a bland empty countryside – look to the commonplace, the local, the vernacular, and the distinctive.”

Grenville Moore

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