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November 2007

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With autumn days come times of remembrance – All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Remembrance Sunday (which this year is also Armistice Day).  The recent dedication of the new national memorial has reminded us that many servicemen and women have died since the end of World War II and that Remembrance Sunday is for them as well.  All are very welcome to the service at 9.30 a.m. that day.

There are many fine poems that take up the theme of remembrance.  One I read recently is nearly 700 years old and was transcribed by Helen Waddell in Poetry from the Dark Ages under the heading ‘Requiem for the Abbess of Gandesheim’:

Thou hast come safe to port,
I still at sea,
The light is on thy head,
Darkness in me.
Pluck thou in heaven’s field,
Violet and rose,
While strew flowers that will thy vigil keep
Where thou dost sleep,
Love, in thy last repose.

Best wishes and God bless,

Nicholas Morgan,    01608 685230

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