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December 2007

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Anemometry Mast

Oxhill Parish Council recently rejected a proposal to erect a 60 metre (about 200 feet) mast at Church Farm.  The full proposal states: Installation of a 60m high anemometry mast to measure the wind speed and direction at approximately 40, 50 and 60 metres above ground level.  The site area would be 0.0875 hectares (including 2.5m buffer around mast and all guide wires.)

The Parish Council rejected the application on the grounds that in its opinion, further explanation and consultation was necessary before such an intrusive structure could be considered.  A public meeting was suggested.

The Planning Manager for SDC, Liz Nicholson (01789 260336) appears to have ignored the Parish and is recommending, at the planning meeting on the 27th November, that the application be granted.  Objectors from Whatcote and Oxhill are attending the meeting.  Oxhill Parish Council will be notifying the District Council of our thoughts, by letter, this week, and is liaising with Whatcote.

No explanation whatsoever has been given to date (26th) as to why anyone would want to measure wind speed and direction on Mr. Heritage's land, but we could infer that it might have something to do with wind-farms.

Mr. Heritage is, as you know, the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, but, as he clearly has a vested interest in the application, he took no part in the council's deliberations.

If you object to the application there is no formal action which you can take at this stage. If however, you wish to make your thoughts known to the District Council, or anyone else for that matter, you are of course entitled to do so.

David Hill, Chairman, Oxhill Parish Council

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