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December 2007

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The Leys Field, Oxhill

Response to last month's article from the field owners

The family's decision to promote its aspirations for The Leys Field through a public meeting was commendable and few would condemn them for seeking to maximise the value of their asset.  Likewise, the reaction of those affected in seeking to protect their assets and the local environment was entirely predictable. However, the owners' description of that meeting in Novemberís Oxhill News left many feeling that they had attended a different presentation, and as reported previously the majority of the village residents are opposed to any development of this space and what support exists is for a very modest development only.

The altruistic picture painted of proposed benefit to the community with low cost housing and village hall improvements is at variance with the rejection by the field owners of two small-scale development proposals for the field. The most recent of these was from a local Housing Association, which owns a property on Main Street, and was exploring a small development of rental housing fronting Main Street plus one detached house to help finance the package. 

The important principle at stake here is the protection of the open space that makes up the heart of the village. There are other landowners who would be fully justified in seeking to emulate the owners of The Leys Fields in attempting further development.  The consequence of such development would be a fundamental change in the character of our village and would affect almost everybody living here.

We will remain vigilant on this situation and are ready to become more active should things develop further. 

Alan Beavis, Ted Fila, Reg Gethin, Alan Hedley, Grenville Moore, Malcolm Robertson, Paul Sayer, Peter Taylor (Leys Field Action Group)

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