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December 2007

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Poppy Appeal

Dear Oxhill,

Once again you have risen to the occasion magnificently. Your support for the Poppy Appeal this year surpassed even last year's wonderful effort.  If your efforts are repeated nationally The Legion should have another record year.  In my estimation, support such as this is the finest tribute we can give to our brave Servicemen and Servicewomen.  Far from home they continue to try to bring about peace in very hostile environments.  The intensity of operations has not declined since last year and shows little sign of doing so in the near future.

The Legion's workload will no doubt be intensified for many years to come.  As the veterans from the Great War gradually grow fewer, so they are being replaced by young men and women from the so called Playstation Generation.  Their actions and tales of derring-do are just as magnificent as those of their grandparents.

Thank you all for your support for the Poppy Appeal this year.  If anyone would like to be involved in collecting for next year's Poppy Appeal, please make yourself known either to myself (01295-680234) or Pat Crowther (01295-680705).

Yours sincerely,

David Sewell, Poppy Appeal Organiser

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