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December 2007

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Vicarage Notes

Remembrance Sunday

The good congregations at all the parishes in the group reflected the continuing importance of the act of remembering.  To step aside from the business of life is not only wise for ourselves in reflecting upon the past and praying for the future, but also a mark of the village acting with united purpose, so important in changing times.

Advent and Christmas

With Advent starts the Church’s year, proclaiming that the Lord is near.  This short phrase begins the explanation of the Church’s Year in an old school textbook – a useful mnemonic!  Advent today glows with Christmas activities and preparations and I don’t suppose it’s possible to turn the clock back to a less commercial time.  I simply pray that within the busy days of this month people everywhere will remember that Christmas is the feast of the “Nativity of our Lord” – the birthday  of a child who journeyed from crib to cross.  Naturally, all are warmly invited to the special services held at St. Lawrence’s this year.

A Christmas Verse

Sleep , holy babe! Thine angels watch around,

All bending low with folded wings,

Before the incarnate King of kings,
In reverent awe profound.

(From the carol “Sleep Holy Babe” by James Caswall)

Sirpa and I wish all our readers a happy and peaceful Christmas,

God bless, Nicholas Morgan,    01608 685230

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