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February 2008

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Alert readers will have noticed the addition to the front page.  Issues of the News were numbered up to February 1984 but then the practice lapsed.  I have been meaning to go through and check the archives ever since I took over production, and I finally got round to it last week.

Being a man, and therefore a bean counter and list generator, I also looked at those who came before me.  Betty Smith started it all off, producing the first sixty-nine issues between June 1973 and January 1979.  The combination of Julia Leeson and Ann Hale took over, producing fifty-three issues (February 1979 to August 1983) before they transmuted into Ann Hale and Julia Stirman.  This was not, of course, an actual change of personnel but simply one of nomenclature.  They soldiered on for another fifty-four issues before Julia resigned in August 1988, to be replaced by Gaynor Van Dijk.

Gaynor and Ann then worked on to June 1991, producing thirty-one issues before Ann finally decided she had had enough (and after twenty-two years who can blame her) and was replaced by Jane Moore.

Jane and Gaynor generated seventy-two issues before handing over to Russen Thomas and Debbie Harris in March 1998, who carried on until February 2003 when I took over.  Russen and Debbie produced sixty issues during their reign, and this is my sixtieth.

All the early issues were produced using wet ink and a Gestetner duplicator apart from a short run printed in a garage on the Whatcote Road on a small printing press.  Computer setting came in during the time Jane and Gaynor were running things, and Russen changed the format from A4 flat sheets to the folded booklet that is used today.

Spotting that Russen did exactly five years and asked if anyone else wanted a go, I feel that I should do the same.  Is there anyone out there who would like to try their hand at producing the News?  The job entails typing up, setting out, printing and distributing to our wonderful delivery staff.  It also means, of course, that you are more or less required to be about in the last week of every month, or eat humble pie for the late appearance of the News.  If you would like to take over please let me know.  If no one wants to then I will just carry on regardless.

George Adams

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