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March 2008

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Garden Club

If you came to the February meeting of the Garden Club expecting to see ‘Flowers of the French Alps’ you might have thought you would have been disappointed by an evening on compost, but not so.   Our original speaker was taken ill the week before our meeting and Pauline Pears from Ryton Organic Gardens stood in at short notice to present a slightly different style of evening, which included audience participation.  Members, in groups of 2, were given cards with various items of flora, fauna, animal, vegetable and mineral.  A large display board was set up and divided into three sections headed ‘Yes’ ‘No’ and ‘Caution’.  Each group had to place their cards in what they thought to be the appropriate section as to their suitability for composting.  Pauline then discussed each card and expanded on why some of the items you would have thought unsuitable could in fact be included in a compost and why others were unsuitable.  Although we managed to place most of the items in the correct columns there was always an odd one that surprised.  If you have the courage to put bind weed or couch grass in a bag, tie it up and leave until broken down and dead, then add it to your compost you are more courageous that I.  Although most members had a thorough knowledge on the subject I think most may still have picked up a tip or two.

The 20th March meeting is to be the AGM followed by Cheese and Wine.  The meeting in April will be a talk by Margaret Morris on ‘Sissinghurst’.

Anne Nethercleft, Programme Secretary

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