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April 2008

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Vicarage Notes

Holy Week and Easter

My thanks to all who have prepared for and shared in the various services, and all who decorated the church so attractively – a symbol of Easter new life.


The Annual Church meeting will take place on April 13th at 6.30 p.m. in Church - all are welcome.  The meeting includes all the elections and reports, including the presentation of the accounts for 2007.  Do come if you can.


Brailes Church celebrates St. George’s Day every year – folk from Oxhill are warmly invited to the special service.  April 27th is Rogation Sunday and, weather permitting, the Family Service will include prayers outside.  Don’t forget the curry and lamb lunch on the 20th!

Thought for the month

There has been so much sadness in the news recently, both on the international stage with breakdowns in peace processes, and nearer at home with local tragedies such as the Stow Road accident.  The French worker-priest wrote:

Tomorrow, God isn’t going to ask - what did you dream, what did you think, what did you plan, what did you preach?  He’s going to ask – what did you do?

As the church continues to celebrate the promise of resurrection, such words are a reminder of the work it then has to do – the challenge of creating new life and hope!

Best wishes and God bless,

Nicholas Morgan, 01608 685230

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