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May 2008

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Thomas Summerton -A Knot In the Millerís Tale

Feedback from descendants of Thomas Summerton, the miller, who emigrated to new Zealand in March 1859, has revealed a blip in my account of the story.  Thomas was indeed born in Southam (in 1828 not 1827 it now appears), but it was not correct that by the time of the 1841 census his family were living in Oxhill, his fatherís occupation being given as carpenter.   There prove to have been two Thomas Summertons, both aged 12 at the time of the census, one the millerís son from Southam, and the other the carpenterís son in Oxhill.  In 1841, Thomas, the millerís son and future emigrant, was in fact with his family already in Birmingham, where I had located him correctly in the 1851 census records.  I apologise for getting my younger Thomases twisted!

Although Thomas the emigrant was never resident in Oxhill, the family do believe that they have some connections with the village through other members of his family.  At any event, on a broader Warwickshire view he remains a ďlocal boy done good.Ē

Ann Hale

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