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June 2008

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Vicarage Notes

Scarecrow Weekend June 14th / 15th

We look forward to this splendid annual occasion, support for which we are most grateful! Ongoing thanks to all involved – let’s hope the weather will be kind

Diocesan Companionship Links

The diocese of Coventry has developed special links with the Diocese of Kaduna in Nigeria and the Syrian Orthodox Diocese of Jerusalem.  Over the years local churches have supported the Jacaranda Farm Project in Kaduna and building of a school in Bethlehem.  All are warmly invited to the Old Chapel, Oxhill for a special “cheese and wine” evening at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday June 25th.  The evening will include a presentation and update about the companionship links by Ann and Jim Saxton.  Do come if you can!

Thought for the month – a prayer for Trinity season (David Adam)

The sacred Three be over me with my working hands this day,

    with the people on my way,

    with the labour and the toil,

    with the land and with the soil,

    with the tools that I take,

    with the things that I make,

    with the thoughts of my mind,

    with the sharing of mankind,

    with the love of my heart,

    with each one who plays a part.

The sacred Three be over me, the blessing of the Trinity.

Best wishes and God bless,

Nicholas Morgan, 01608 685230

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