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June 2008

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Village Hall A.G.M.

The A.G.M. was held on Tuesday 29th April.  Attendance was low, consisting of the existing committee plus three others.  The Chairman reported a successful year with regular lettings and eight special events, only one of which made a loss (and that a very small one).  Thanks to a grant of 5,563 from Grants for All the remaining windows had been replaced by new double-glazed ones.  The accounts showed that simply to keep the Hall running requires an income in excess of 2,000 and that continual fundraising would therefore be needed.  Heartfelt thanks were expressed for the continuing support of the villagers during the past year.  Hopefully this will continue.

The Committee all resigned, as required by the rules, and effectively then re-elected themselves with the addition of Derek Harbor and Gaynor van Dijk.

The A.G.M. was then declared closed and the new committee met for the first time, electing Brian Badger as Chairman, John McKail as Treasurer, Judy Badger as Secretary and Gwyn Adams as Lettings Officer.

George Adams

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