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June 2008

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A Belated Thank You

Although this is rather late, as I keep missing Oxhill News deadlines, we should like to thank everyone who contributed to Guide Dogs for the Blind when Yarna had her puppies.  Thank you to all of you who came to Yarna’s coffee morning, and especially those who brought cakes and raffle prizes.  By the time the puppies left us, we had collected £160, which Guide Dogs were very happy to receive.

The puppies grew exceptionally quickly whilst in our care, and, when they left us at 61/2 weeks of age, three out of the ten puppies weighed over 1 stone.  Apparently, Guide Dogs Breeding Centre rarely sees puppies that size, and, if they do, it is normally in a litter of two or three, not ten!  They have all gone to their puppy walkers now and are spread out around the country, with two in Scotland.  We have heard from eight of them now, and they all seem to be thriving. Each puppy walker has remarked on their size and good nature.  They are all making great progress in their basic training too.  We look forward to the day when they qualify as Guide Dogs, and also to Yarna’s next litter!

The Mercer Family and Yarna

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