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July 2008

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Scarecrow Weekend

What a fabulous weekend!  This year there were even more visitors.

I really do not know where to start with the thank yous.

Firstly to Mike for organizing the road closure last year as well as this.  I forgot to say thank you to him then – made it this time.

To George for all the poster printing.  There were loads of them.  And thanks to Marianne and Gwyn for putting up dozens of posters across such a very wide area.  Thanks to Janet, Brian and Josie for all their work on publicity.  It certainly paid off.  Thanks also for the use of the field for the car park.

Thanks to Roger and Chris for getting the tables from Tysoe, and also for the use of the large marquee.

Thanks to Carol and Tom for both of the pig roasts.  They were excellent as always.

Thanks to Ann, Jude and Carol for the flower arrangements in Church.  They looked lovely.  And thanks to Val for doing the trip to Birmingham to get the flowers.

Thanks to Heather for producing the maps and stickers.  I’m sorry you had so much stress with the computer failure.  Thanks again to George for stepping in to help out on the day when extras were needed.

What would I have done without Gaynor, who organises all the teas; she really does take a great load off my shoulders.  The teas were excellent as usual, with all the lovely cakes.  We did for the first time run out of cakes to sell.

Thanks to all of you who helped out on the car park and church rotas.

Thanks to my son Kevin for the straw.  It was a bit stressful this time, but he managed to get it to us bang on time.

Thanks to Mike for being on call for medical assistance all weekend.

Thanks to Charles for making and putting up notices all round the village.

Thanks to all of you who had your gardens open.  Many compliments were made by visitors.  Well done.  I know it is hard work, but they did look splendid.

To my team, Doreen, Helen, Janet, Diana, Val and Carol – many heartfelt thanks.  I could not do it without you all.

Thanks to everyone who helped to get everything set up on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Thanks to Alan and Tony, and to everyone who helped on the stalls and teas.

Thank you to Yvonne and Pam for the donation of £55 from the Aunt Sally game at the Peacock on Sunday evening.

The pig roast on Saturday evening was a great success with over 80 people present.  Thanks to James and Linda for running the bar, and to Joe for clearing up and removing straw from the hall.

Special thanks to Angela, who made all the scarecrows in the congregation in the Church.  The Bishop of Oxhill looked very grand.  I bet it’s the first time a bishop has worn a pair of red fleecy pyjamas under his regalia.

I do hope I have not left anyone out; you all worked so hard.  I did say in last month’s News “Come on Oxhill, let’s do it again”, and boy, did you!  Those wonderful scarecrows; such great ideas – without them we would not have a weekend.  I do not know how to say thank you enough to you all for your efforts.

I cannot finish without saying thank you to all my family, who worked for a solid week making 21 scarecrows and then worked all through the weekend.

It was the best weekend we have ever had, with £3,760 made for Church funds.  My heartfelt thanks to you all.


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