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October 2008

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This month a very interesting and informative talk was given by Hilary Twigg from Pershore College on "Easy Rules of Pruning".  Doesn't everything sound easy when you really know how to do it?  Ideas on what one wants to achieve determines how you go about the pruning e.g. height, shape, width etc, when you prune and by how much.  How to prune soft fruits, apple and pear trees, wisteria, clematis and many others were well covered and an explanation of how canker can present itself was touched upon.  I hope we all took notes and remember the salient points for the coming year.

Our next meeting is on 16th October when Adrian Thornton will be talking on National Parks - Not Ours, but Ours to Look After.  He promises to be very interesting and he hopes to present the talk to a large audience, so get busy and find us a crowd to be proud of - everyone welcome - and we'll serve the tea/coffee and biscuits.

November brings us a talk on South Africa flora and fauna and the year terminates with the Christmas Party.

Sue Duckworth

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