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December 2008

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The Parish Share

What is it and why do we have to pay it?

Of all the money we have coming in for the benefit of St Lawrence’s, nearly 40% goes out to the Diocese as the “Parish Share”.  This was just over £7,000 in 2007 and will be a little more this year, which is about £2,500 less than the average across the deanery.  At the moment the method of allocating share to each parish is being reviewed, so we can expect a change shortly.

So why do we hand over all this money?  The answer is simply to support the work of the Church in the Diocese of Coventry.  Most of it covers the provision of clergy (stipends, housing and pensions) and the rest goes towards a wide variety of costs ranging from youth work to administration.

If you would like any more information do please contact the PCC Treasurer James Synge on 01926 641010).

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