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January 2009

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Knowledge is Power

They say knowledge is power, but knowledge can also be a lifesaver.  Barbara and I recently took advantage of a health screening at Kineton Village Hall.

Although Barbara’s results came back clear, mine showed a possible problem.  After a visit to my doctor followed by a quick appointment at Warwick Hospital for further tests the results were a benign cyst and not a cancer.  The time between knowing some thing was possibility wrong and knowing that it was not was very short, but, at the time, it did not feel that way.

Early detection of such conditions means early treatment; knowledge is possibly the power to save your own life.  This knowledge came at the comparatively small price of £140-00; my life is worth that and more, as it may have been what saved it.  It was arranged by Life Line Screening, Worthing, Sussex, 01903223360, Manager Sharon Glynn, www.lifelinescreening.co.uk.

As your Ambulance Service First Responder I try more than one way to save your life. Your life, your choice.

Mick Shepard

[I feel an Editorial Disclaimer coming on again!  The Oxhill News has no knowledge of its own of Life Line Screening and so cannot comment on their value nor recommend the company.  The opinions stated above are those of the author alone.  Ed.]

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