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January 2009

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Windscreen Repairs

As another instalment of our occasional series ‘Things you can get done in Oxhill’, may I bring Mick Shepherd’s other occupation to your attention?

You must all by now know that he is the man to call if you have an urgent medical emergency (see back page and Mick’s article elsewhere in this issue), and most of you probably know that for many years he has done volunteer work at motor sports events.  Recently I discovered that he was one of the first people in the country to repair windscreen damage, and that he is still doing it.  He kindly repaired the stone damage on my car, and whilst he was about it took my blood pressure and made me promise to see the doctor and get something done about it.  The blood pressure, that is, not the windscreen damage.

You won’t get that sort of service from a Lithuanian native in the car park at B&Q – and Mick assures me that you won’t get as good a repair there either.  You can contact him on 07976298228.  Please don’t use the number on the back page; this is reserved for medical emergencies.


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