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February 2009

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Notes of the Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th January 2009 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

The meeting, chaired by David Hill, was attended by Councillors, Tom Heritage, Gwyneth Adams and Carol Taylor.

Matters Discussed

Vacancy in the Office of Parish Councilor

Following the resignation of Hugh Rowse, the statutory notice has been posted to allow electors to request an election.  If ten people do not request such an election in the time allotted then the Parish Council will be asked to co-opt a person to fill the vacancy.  Therefore we would ask that anyone wishing to be considered to fill the position of Parish Councilor, please let me know, in writing, prior to the next meeting.  My address is “Brookside”, Back Lane.


The precept for the year 2009/2010 was discussed.  Established charges (insurance, clerk’s expenses, audit fees); grants towards mowing the churchyard and village hall green were taken into account.  The “free penny” money for this period amounts to £1550, out of which we would again support production costs of the Oxhill News and First Responder kit insurance.  The service given by Mike and Barbara Shepard is very much appreciated and has proved a very valuable service to the village in emergency first aid response.  The village hall have been granted 60% of the cost of tiling the kitchen, bar and toilets by Stratford District Council.  The Parish Council has agreed to fund the remaining 40%.  Also the cost of 4 large tables will be provided.  It was agreed to continue affiliation to the C.V.S.  A precept of £2500 would be requested to cover the cost of the above.  This was agreed by the meeting.   A grant of £200 was paid to the Village Hall for mowing their green during the 2008 season.


Replies have been received from both the County Council and Police Authority regarding the accidents in the vicinity of Hogwood Farm on the A422.  The Police have identified this location as a collision “cluster” site and are asking the County Surveyor to inspect the road surface with a view to re-surfacing with a skid resistant surface.  We will send a further letter to the County Council underlining these comments and asking for the work to be carried out.


Where planning applications impact on neighbouring parishes Stratford District Planning Department have undertaken to inform all concerned.

Planning application for alterations, changes of use, and extension at Wixey Transport was refused.

Planning application for extension to The Barn, Kineton Road had been received.

Government White Paper “Pharmacy in England:

The Parish Council along with many people in the village wrote objecting to the threat of closure of rural dispensing facilities at surgeries.  We understand the Government are no longer pursuing this.

Beech Tree

Tom Heritage has agreed to safely dispose of the metal frame removed from the beech tree in Beech Road.

Refuse and Recycling

Green bin collection will recommence on 6 April on a fortnightly basis along with the recycled waste.  From this time your grey bins will also be collected on a fortnightly basis.  A provision has been made for kitchen waste to be collected weekly, one week in your green bin and one week in your grey bin.  Further details and collection calendars will be sent out with the council tax bills at the end of March.

Freedom of Information Act

In line with the Freedom of Information Act, Oxhill Parish Council maintains an open and transparent approach to its business.

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th March 2009 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall

Angela Kean, Clerk

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