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June 2009

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Village Hall AGM

The Village Hall AGM was held on 28th April.

John McKail, the Treasurer reported to the meeting that the year had been very profitable.  The functions held throughout the year had all been well attended and have raised in excess of two and a half thousand pounds.  The Village Hall has also received grants of over 10,000. 

Brian Badger, the Chairman, then gave his report to the meeting. He said that the profits made from the functions together with the grants that were awarded to the hall have made it possible to carry out several necessary maintenance jobs.  The beam in the main hall has been repaired and the hall has been completely redecorated.  Some major improvements have also been made to the hall.  A new front and back door have been fitted and soft lighting installed.  Stratford District Council and Oxhill Parish Council have together funded the fitting of wall tiles in the kitchen and toilets which now look very smart and with a 5,000 grant from the Heart of England Foundation a new damp proofing system has been installed.   The new drinks cooler in the bar and new fridge in the kitchen have put an end to warm beer and white wine!

Brian thanked the Committee and their families for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year.  He said he wanted to give a special thank you to those villagers who are not on the Committee but who have also worked hard to make this year so successful.  He specifically named Sue Robbins who continues to look after the garden and Dot Richards who helps to clean the village hall.

A new Committee was elected and the officers are:

Chairman - Brian Badger - 688010
Treasurer - John McKail - 680412
Lettings - Tricia Harbour - 680676
Secretary - Judy Badger - 688010

Judy Badger, Secretary

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