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July 2009

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Scarecrow Weekend

What a successful weekend!  Every year we get better and better!

Firstly I want to say ĎThank you very muchí to:

The printers Heather and George for the posters, maps and stickers.  Prompt delivery and never a penny charged!

Mike Collins for organising the road closure and putting up the barriers and signs

Charles for all the other signs and open garden signs

Brian and Josie for all the advertising, which paid off wonderfully

Brian also for his tireless work managing the car parks

Jill Rodwell for the use of her field as the overflow car park, so sorely needed this year

All the people who manned the car park(s!) for an hour; well done

All those who did an hours stint in the Church

Gaynor Fila for organising the teas; a very big thank you here Gaynor Ė itís your job for life

Everybody who did such a wonderful job with the cakes; we cracked it this year and made it right to the end

All those who worked so hard on both days serving teas; we have a reputation for our teas because our cakes are so good

All the flower decorators in the Church; it did look beautiful and visitors were so complimentary.  I even had a lady ask us to do wedding flowers for a wedding in April as she was so impressed

All those who opened their gardens to our visitors, who greatly appreciated them

Carol and Tom for the pig roast on both days

Roger and Micky for the use of your marquee, and Alan for turning up as he does every year to help us set it up

And, of course, the biggest thanks of all to everyone who made all the wonderful scarecrows; without them we would not have this weekend, and they were brilliant!

The Scarecrow is for me one weekend in the year when the whole village pulls together with everyone happy, young and old alike.  It is so nice to see so many cheerful faces.  Thank you, everybody.

As I had nearly thirty scarecrows to make I have a special very big thank you to my family who worked tirelessly for days helping me out.  Thanks also go to my son Kevin for the straw supply; he could only provide a few bales this year as he had hens sitting on eggs in the bales (13 chicks hatched out on the Saturday morning) so it was Nick Butcher to the rescue for the rest.  Thank you, Nick.  Thank you to Ruth who sat and made all my faces, and to the face painters Helen and June who spent a whole day with me painting 30 scarecrow faces.

Saturday evening we had a splendid pig roast, enjoyed by nearly eighty people.  Itís a good way of winding down before the rigours of the Sunday to come!

And, of course, I have to offer my heartfelt thanks to my committee Ann, Helen, Diana, Janet, Carol, Doreen and Val, who work throughout the year to pull everything together.  I really could not manage without you.

I do hope I havenít missed anyone out, and Iím sorry that I havenít been able to mention everybody by name but the list is so long.  So just to make sure, one very last great big THANK YOU to absolutely anybody who was involved in any way at all!

It was a wonderfully successful weekend, raising about £4,500 (up from £3,200 last year!) to boost Church funds and support the Air Ambulance.


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