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August 2009

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Ambulance First Responders

There are over 300 responders in the Coventry and Warwick area so when an opportunity came for Barbara and I to be in the first group of 16 responders to increase our skills to a higher level we took it up.  Our training for this took place at Stratford on Avon Ambulance Station Training Centre.  The course was over several months of weekends and evenings.  The exam was taken on Sunday 6 July, starting at 8 a.m. and finishing at 5 p.m.  The IHDC (the awarding body) exam consisted of a written paper followed by 6 skill station exams.  The pass mark was 70 percent so we were pleased to pass with 84 percent.

West Midlands Ambulance Service has recently been recognized as one of only three Ambulance Authorities to achieve government targets; this is of course where responders contribute, not only to achieve the target, but also to be able to start medical treatment much quicker.

West Midlands Ambulance Service is seeking authorization to become a Foundation Trust, please contact us for further information about this.

There is more than an 80% chance that a 999 call for an Ambulance would result in one of us at your door very quickly; however if the door is locked and you are unable to come and unlock it, because you are ill, we both have a problem!  If you think that this may be a situation that could happen to you, contact me, as I may have the answer to this.

If you have a Medical Emergency call 999.  The Ambulance Service will send us to you.  You can call us as direct on 07977149317 after calling 999.

If you have a first aid problem NOT an emergency, call direct on 07977149317.

Apart from our Parish Council refunding us the cost of our equipment insurance last year we receive no other funding, consumable items such as oxygen masks etc. are replaced by the Ambulance service.

Home ‘phone: 01295680644
email:  viper @ viperrecovery.co.uk

Mick & Barbara Shepard,
3, The Leys, Whatcote Road, Oxhill, CV350QX

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