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Transition Shipston and Surrounding Villages

What would happen to life in Shipston and its surrounding villages if there was no more oil?

We would struggle to get to work by car, bus or train

We would not be able to drive to the shops

We would not be able to grow our food which relies on oil to power the machinery and oil based fertilisers

We would not be able to cloth ourselves or produce many of our essentials which are shipped or flown from across the world

Without oil many parts of our community lives would not function.

Unfortunately there is only so much oil in the ground and according to leading scientists and oil companies it is starting to run out.  It will become scarcer and more expensive.  We will be forced to cut back on our oil usage causing huge shocks throughout communities.

Shipston and surrounding villages has recently joined the Transition Town network, a network of international towns and communities taking action to build communities resilient against oil depletion. .

Transition Shipston and Surrounding Villages believes that by acting locally in our communities we can build resilience to the shock of oil depletion. And by cutting our oil consumption we are also cutting the amount of carbon dioxide which will help tackle the threat of Climate Change.

Transition Shipston and Surrounding Villages hopes to introduce schemes promoting local shopping, cycling and public transport, local production of food and the production of renewable energy through solar and wind technology.

If you are interested in getting involved contact the group at:

transitionshipston @ googlemail.com or phone 07973 846605.

Web: http://transitionshipston.blogspot.com/

Liz Atkinson, 01295 680045

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