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August 2009

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WI report

Stratford-upon-Avon Refuge provides a safe haven for women who walk out on violent or abusive partners but have nowhere to go.  It offers much needed support - more than 7,000 incidents of domestic violence were reported in Warwickshire in 2007-08.  The purpose-built accommodation consists of five small apartments.

“It can be crowded for women with families - one mother with four sons aged between three and thirteen lives in a two-bedroom flat - but they are safe and it gives them a chance to start a new life”, explained Anne Ramsbottom.  Anne is one of eight volunteers who raise funds for the refuge.

“Women often arrive with nothing more than a carrier bag of clothes grabbed in a hurry”, said Anne.  “The money we raise helps to buy simple things, such as soap and shampoo, that residents really appreciate.”

WI members are invited to donate items, such as toiletries, at their September meeting.

Julie Smart

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