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September 2009

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Tysoe Marionette Group

Our popular show “JUST HOW” is coming again!  So if you missed us first time round, we can put that right.

We plan to give some more shows this coming autumn season to continue raising money for the PTA’s of primary schools in South Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire.

As with all amateur groups, volunteers come and go.  This year we would welcome new talent to join our old hands on the operating bridges.  We also need a techie to run our lighting desk and a versatile hand to undertake the varied fun duties of stage management!

We are also working on designs and ideas for a future production of “Peter and the Wolf”, for which we will be seeking those with musical interests.

Contact:  Jon and Ann Beeny on 01295 680 431 or at Jonandann@annbeeny.f9.co.uk

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