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October 2009

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Thank you so much

Thank you so much to our Parish Council who have this year again contributed to our medical equipment insurance costs.

Thank you for the very kind invitation to attend the prize giving of the end of year darts tournament in Shipston.

We shall be very honoured to attend, as we have recently had to comply with the upgrading of our uniforms we are obliged to wear when duty calls.  This award will be very welcome.

We have also had to replace one of our two blood pressure kits; itís a piece of kit that gets used on every call out.

Some one asked me recently why we did this work if we did not get paid.  Itís because we can be at the patient very quickly, and begin immediate treatment; this also helps the family and friends of the casualty.  So after handing over the casualty to the Ambulance crew, we come away knowing that in some way we have helped.

Mick & Barbara Shepard, First Responders, West Midlands Ambulance Service

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