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November 2009

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From Shipston Police

Vehicle Crime - Basic security

Of all crimes, vehicle crime is probably the most preventable.  Taking a few simple measures can protect your car, and the property within it, from theft.

Lock the doors, windows, boot and sunroof every time you leave your car - even if it's just for a few minutes.

Never leave the ignition key in an unattended vehicle - even when filling up with fuel.

Steering locks and alarms - always use them.

Never leave any property on display in your car - a thief may break in just to see what is in a bag or what has been placed under a coat. Put these things in the boot, or better still take them with you!

Never leave the following in your car:

Handbags, wallets, purses and credit cards.  Don't hide these inside the vehicle; they are the gateway to untold riches!  And thieves have been known to break into a car for a few loose coins.

Vehicle documents - these will make the vehicle much easier to sell on.  Personal correspondence - a thief may use these to prove their identity if stopped by the police.

Satellite navigation systems - always take the device with you and make sure the mounting stalk is removed from the windscreen and the suction mark removed.

Car stereos - always remove the detachable control panel and take it with you.

Mobile phones - these have a high resale value for the car criminal.

Laptop computers - Again a high resale value, and they usually come in an easy to carry away case!  You not only lose your computer, but all of your personal information, photos, documents, etc. are lost to you and become widely available to others.

Etching - have the vehicle registration number etched on to all glass surfaces - including the side windows and headlamps.

Parking - if you do not have a garage always try to park in a well lit, open, location.

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