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October 2009

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Our son is currently living in San Diego California and Sirpa and I were fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday there last month, enjoying the year round sunshine, the coastline and the sights and sounds of a busy city.  Southern California is experiencing a drought and domestic water users can be fined $100 unless the state imposed 10% reduction in consumption is achieved.  England’s “green and pleasant land” presents a contrast to the parched landscapes we saw.  All of us know that water is a precious resource and it is good to support projects across the world through charities such as Water Aid, Farm Africa and the Kaduna Well Scheme.  Like all major cities, San Diego has a significant homelessness problem, exacerbated by its welcoming climate.  The churches in the city are at the forefront of social care, with the Episcopalian Cathedral of St. Paul having its own shelter and care project.  It is a privilege to travel to enjoy both tourist sights and extend just a little our understanding of the world and how there are common concerns shared with others.  Our faith, perhaps above others, encourages us to celebrate one world with one people walking a common road.

God bless,

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Diary Dates

Don’t forget the Village Christmas Carol Service at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday December 17th.  All are invited.

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