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December 2009

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From Shipston Police

Credit Card scam

Lancashire Police have advised us of a scam which is being worked well in their area at present.  A person rings up purporting to be from a security section of a banking institute and is looking at unusual spending on your account.  The caller already has your card details and name and address, but he is after your 3 digit security coded on the back of the card.  He identifies himself and gives a badge ID number and a 6 digit reference number for you to quote and is quite willing to repeat the information.  He gives details of an alleged transaction which is under 500 and a possible threshold limit.  You deny any knowledge of this transaction and he states that he will authorise a credit of this amount to your card but needs certain information to check you are still in possession of the card and this includes the three digit number on the rear of the card.  Armed with this information the caller then makes a transaction using your card details for the amount just specified and you later may receive a genuine call from your bank asking you about that transaction!  Very complex, but it seems to work.  Banks will not ask you for your 3 digit PIN code on the rear of the card.  They know what it is as they issued you with the card in the first place.  BEWARE.

Burglary in Oxhill

Between the hours of 19:30 and 21:30 on the 4.11.09, offenders unknown have gained entry to an Oxhill flat by smashing the first floor window.  Two oil paintings depicting the countryside dating from the 17th to 18th century were taken.  The offenders then proceeded to disconnect the water pipes and block the drains with cushions, causing water to run throughout the flat and leak into the garage below.  Should anyone have any information with regards to this incident, or if you saw someone suspicious in the area at the time, please call your local SNT on 01789444670 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, quoting incident number 397/22.10.09 or crime number S/09/13858.

Temporary closure of Shipston Police station

As you may be aware a refurbishment of Shipston police station is due to take place this year and we are hopeful that it will be completed within a three-month time scale.  We anticipate that the work will start on the 29.11.2009.  The police station will be closed to the public for the duration of the building work and your Safer Neighbourhood team will temporarily be based at Wellesbourne.  However we wish to reassure you that the policing cover across the area will not be compromised and that the Shipston SNT will still be operating within the area.

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