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February 2010

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We were entertained by an ardent local bee keeper this month, Peter Hepworth, who has been keeping bees for around 40 years.  He said lately bee numbers had been reducing and they are fundamental to keeping our food chain going.  However, the number of registered bee keepers in the Warwickshire area has risen by approx 25% and courses are available to anyone interested in taking up this hobby.  He showed us much of the equipment needed - the hive, of course, the smoke box, the attire to wear etc.  The benefits which could accrue to keepers includes honey, candles, wax polish, mead, home made wines/beers and the possibility of using honey for medicinal purposes.  Peter described the different honeys eg runny, cream and granulated.  The earliest bee keepers were monks but today anyone could participate if they were keen enough.  Peter described the different bees e.g. the queen, the workers and the drones and the life cycle that takes place and how and why they swarm and much, much more.  Many thanks to Peter for imparting his knowledge to us.

We will be having a talk on "Tudor Gardens" by Roger Pringle on 18th February and then of course our AGM on 18th March when all will be welcome, existing members and new.

Sue Hedley

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