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March 2010

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The Community Orchard - Update 1

If we get more winters like this, locally sourced produce will become more important.  Local initiatives are important at times like these and the Community Orchard that is being proposed by the WOT2grow team is a good example.

The vision as described in January is to create a new orchard in the vicinity of the three villages to provide fruit and juice for local people and to enable local children to see fruit grown and harvested to help them understand something about where food comes from.  In addition to an orchard of apple and pear trees, we also envisage soft fruit being grown and harvested and apples being donated by people who currently have trees in the community to produce juice for local sale and consumption.

The first committee meeting of WOT2grow (please note that ‘WOT’ stands for Whatcote, Oxhill & Tysoe) took place on January 27th.  Paul Sayer (Oxhill) together with Mike & Sue Sanderson (Upper Tysoe) joined the existing team of Graham Collier & Sam Littlewood (Tysoe), Liz Atkinson (Whatcote) and Derek Harbour (Oxhill) to recruit interest in the three villages.  Derek accepted the nomination to become Chair whilst the second stage Business Plan and full Application is developed, which we hope to achieve this spring.  Regular monthly meetings are planned for the future and updates will be reported in the appropriate community ‘news’ media.

It is the intention of the team that the Business Plan, once completed will be aired at a public meeting in the spring when there will be an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to strengthen the plan and application.

For more information please contact:
Liz Atkinson 680045 / 07768 166483,
Derek Harbour 680676,
Sam Littlewood 688137,
Paul Sayer 680451,
Sue and Mike Sanderson 688080 or
Graham Collier 680127 / 07889 360133.

The WOT2grow team

Growing in the community of the Vale of the Red Horse

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