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April 2010

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Owl boxes are all now complete.  We have had one person offering a tree, but we need some more, so I will be knocking on doors soon.  You may or may not have read or heard about concerns over the survival of certain species of animals during the prolonged period of cold weather.  Certainly in Oxhill, judging from my own garden, the small birds, wrens, long-tailed tits etc. have fared quite well, but there is concern over kingfishers and herons.  I saw a heron the other day, but if anyone spots a kingfisher, could you please let me know (680664).

I am pleased to say that our colony of great-crested newts have survived and are currently very active.  Did you know it is illegal to interfere with, disturb or catch great-crested newts without a licence.  Jane and I recently went on a course and I am pleased to announce we are officially licenced “newt handlers”, so if you need your newts handling, give us a ring!

Grenville Moore

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