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May 2010

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Car Parking

As an Oxhill resident living within a few yards of the Village Hall, I read with some disquiet the reminder that “the Car Park adjoining the Village Hall is intended solely for the use of persons attending Village Hall events”.  In the ten years of my residency in Rouse Lane directly opposite the car park I have never been aware of any abuse of what I had always regarded as a very useful facility for the community at large.  I have seldom, if ever, seen more than two ‘non Village Hall event’ vehicles left in the car park at any one time, day or night, and to say that “On occasions, people who are attending Village Hall events are unable to park close to the Hall for loading and unloading because of vehicles that have been left overnight” just cannot be true!

We are lucky in Oxhill that very few residents need to leave their cars on the road because their property is lacking parking space for the family’s motor vehicles.  When I and my near neighbours have had visitors arrive in cars that we cannot accommodate on our driveways, rather than litter the roadway we have always used the sensible option of temporarily parking our own vehicle or, rarely, vehicles in the village car park – if necessary, but seldom, overnight.  Our cars are known; in the unlikely event that they are a problem, let us know – face to face.

Without even thinking of it as a quid pro quo, and because the Village Hall is an integral and important part of our immediate community, we accept with good grace the occasional disturbance from functions and late night revellers, pick up litter, put up with event attendees parking on Main Street and causing traffic congestion, put out/return the dustbins if necessary, clear the notice board of out of date event flyers etc. etc.  I would urge the Village Hall Committee to accept the very local goodwill that ensues from their continuing to allow the level of ‘casual’ usage of the car park that there has always been and which is never knowingly abused.

Douglas Nethercleft

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