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May 2010

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Organic Pest and Disease Management; not another party political but an engaging talk by Pauline Pears from Ryton Organic Gardens.  It seems that even the historic T.V. political debate held less interest than this illuminating insight into the under-world of insect life in our gardens as this meeting was so well attended.

Pauline took us through guidelines for harmony in the veggie garden and talked on the balance of friends and foes in the insect department, providing safe shelter and food for beneficial “friends” and improving the structure of soil to maintain these naturally.

I was heartened by her advice that untidiness is beneficial and she gave us advice on crop rotation and resistant varieties that could be applied to avoid diseases in the garden.  The quiz was well thought out.

Notes for the diary:

13th May  Annual plant Sale  7 p.m.  Please mark pots with identifying letter, price and brief description

24th June Garden Party £3

15th July  Trip to Folly Lodge and lunch at Halford Bridge Inn

18th August Outing to Kew Gardens

New members are always welcome.

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