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May 2010

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Save Shipston House

Shipston Town Management Partnership, with the support of a number of elected members of Shipston Town Council, are pressing Orbit Housing to think again about their plans to convert the historic Shipston House into seven apartments, a planning application for which is to go before Stratford District Council, shortly.

The house was built in 1830 under the Poor Law Union Act to serve as a Work House.  In the past almost two hundred years it has served as a hospital, a home for the elderly, an annexe to Shipston High School and, most recently as office facilities for Renault Agriculture who were acquired by Claas.  Claas have sold the whole site to Orbit Housing for a development of affordable homes, including the apartments in the house, itself.

Plans have been developed by the Management Partnership to return the building to community use.

The East Wing of the building is envisaged as being developed into a facility for young people, something that is sadly lacking in Shipston whist the West Wing is seen as being a craft centre where local artisans can produce and sell their work.

The main house is seen as being used as a community base offering facilities for meetings, exhibitions, concerts and performances, with a number of small offices being made available to local businesses and residents on a minimal cost basis.

Speaking for the Partnership, it Chairman, Graham Williamson said “It is simply not acceptable that one of the last vestiges of Shipston’s historic past should be lost to the community.

In the previous rejected planning application by Banner Homes, English Heritage, the Georgian Society and the conservation architect at Stratford District Council expressed considerable concerns that much of the historic nature and its place in 19th Century history would be lost were the building to be converted into apartments.”

Within the building there are decorations and fittings that need to be restored.  It is understood that Orbit’s intention is simply to panel over them which means that in time, they will deteriorate.

Shipston Town Management Partnership are now seeking to gather the support of Shipston residents by organising a petition which will be sent to Orbit and to the District Council when comments on the planning application are considered and have started the considerable task of identifying how the funds for saving the building might be raised.

For further information please contact:

Shipston Town Management Partnership

Tel: 01608 664690
E-mail: info@working-for-shipston.com

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