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August 2010

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Notes of the Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 13th July 2010 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

All Councilors were present.

Matters Discussed


Encroachment onto the verge at ”Stonecroft” has been identified and action is being taken by W.C.C.

The problem of silt collecting on the road near Church Farm will be highlighted to the Highways for a solution to this problem.

Plastic bollards in front of “Oddcott” are damaged and need replacing.


Vehicles being persistently parked on the bend in front of the Peacock pub cause reduced visibility of oncoming traffic.  It was proposed that we write to the police for action to be taken on this matter.

Wheelie Bin “Slow down” stickers

WCC are launching a safety campaign which involves obtaining wheelie bin stickers as an awareness of speeding.  These stickers are only given out on application from individual households.  Please ring 01926 418612 or e-mail safetyengineering@warwickshire.gov.uk for details.  A sample sticker is on the notice board.


Leaflets giving details of the various transport initiatives were distributed via the “Midweek” delivered to each home at the beginning of July; a summary is given below:

a)                Fixed Route service between Banbury and Stratford

b)               Wheels to Work.  Moped loan scheme for eligible people between 16 and 65, tel. 02476 707400

c)                Community Link.  Door to door local service for those with no other means of transport.  Find out more on 01789 266491

d)               Shipston Link.  Run by volunteers since 1986.  Nine routes cover villages around Shipston, tel. 01926 412987

e)                Back and 4th Transport.  Wheelchair accessible minibuses available to hire, tel. 01789 471595

f)                Age Concern Mini buses cater for the needs of older and disables people on social and shopping outings, tel. 01926 311101

g)                Voluntary Transport Scheme run by Shipston Voluntary Service is available to anyone with genuine need to attend hospital, doctor, dentist or day surgery. Tel. 01608 663122.


Permission was granted for outside condensing boiler at The Stables.  Planning application to fell spruce tree at The Hollies was returned with no objection.

Application for temporary accommodation on land at Field Forge Farm was discussed and returned with no objection.


Cheque for £30 was paid for carrying out internal audit.  Cheque for £100 was paid to SDC for the cost of uncontested election in May.  Mandate was signed to enable new Parish Councillors to sign cheques.

NHS – Horton General Hospital

The work for better healthcare at the Horton is ongoing and the recommendation to employ consultants rather than non-training middle grade doctors has been accepted and the funding provided.  It is expected to take 9-12 months to fully implement.

Social Care Charges

Warwickshire County Council are reviewing the charges that customers pay towards the cost of their (non residential) adult social care services.  There will be a meeting at St. Peter’s Church Conference Centre, Leamington Spa on Monday 16th August between 2 and 4 p.m. and between 5 and 7 p.m., or you can ring 01926 418661 for more information.  There is a notice on the Notice Board.

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Angela Kean, Clerk

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